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Emergency Care

Out of Hours Emergencies

In an emergency, telephone 029 2086 9928 and follow the simple instructions.

A team of experienced and dedicated emergency staff (Valley 24/7) are available during the nights, after closing on weekends and also bank holidays. They work at Valley Veterinary Hospital and are based at:

Unit 2C
Gwaelod y Garth Industrial Estate
Gwaelod y Garth
CF15 9AA

Your pet can be transported back to us by ambulance if hospitalisation has been necessary. You can then collect your pet from us.

All information relating to treatment at Valley 24/7 is transferred to us the next working day allowing us to continue to provide a high standard and continuity of care.

Do I have to wait or do I have an emergency?

If your pet experiences any of the following, please call us

immediately on 02920 869928.

-   Cut or deeper wounds
-   Any road traffic accidents
-   Difficulty or abnormal breathing
-   Weakness or collapse
-   Seizure
-   Severe lameness
-   Persistent vomiting
-   Swollen stomach
-   Severe diarrhoea
-   Burns or scalds
-   Eaten human medication or anything unusual that may be a poison
-   Bloody or dirty vaginal discharge


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